Cowboy Bebop - Session #0


Short clips and descriptions of the five bounty hunters.

The Swing Character #1 - Spike Spiegel


Animation Front Liners Interview At Sunrise

A camera zooms through Sunrise Animation Studio.

We're spending a lot of money...
- Yoshiyuki Takei

It's about the life and love of bounty hunters in space.
- Kimitoshi Yamane

Animator - Yutaka Nakamura

ANIMATOR Yutaka Nakamura

Please watch the show! (Laughs) Yeah...

Producer - Yoshiyuki Takei

PRODUCER Yoshiyuki Takei

Q. What's the most difficult task?
Well, I have to think about the surrounding environment and situation of each act and the overall depth of each scene before creating the structure. So that, I think, is pretty... troublesome.

Character Designs - Toshihiro Kawamoto

CHARACTER DESIGNS Toshihiro Kawamoto

Q. What's the most difficult task?
How 'bout... the schedule?! (Laughs) That's not it?! No?!

Mechanical Designs - Kimitoshi Yamane


Q. What's the most difficult task?
It's like any other work, but trying to come up with a completely new and different vision is the toughest for me.

Cultural/Setting Production - Satoshi Toba


Q. What's the most difficult task?
Making sure that I'm on top of all important aspects and probably the schedule for my work. I'm comfortable with the rest.

Q. What's "Hyperspace?"
It's the black line in between each frame on the film. Actually there's a rationale behind it. Ask Mr. Kawamori.


Animated shots of hyperspace gates.

Q. Hyperspace: Kawamori SF setting
Well, the story is set in the solar system but we can't take one or two months to get somewhere. And I didn't want to use a warp environment so I wanted to come up with something else. The line between the frames of film is much thinner than a frame itself. If we were to compare the environment to film, the line between the frames is much skinnier than a frame making up the picture. Compare that to the size of space which is 1/240 in scale. So because you're in a space that's 1/240 the scale of regular space, if you move 1, you'll travel 240 and get where you want to go. That's the rough explanation of the theory...

Shoji Kawamori's SF setting


Director - Shinichiro Watanabe

DIRECTOR Shinichiro Watanabe

Q. How did this project start?
I was told to create something that involved spaceships and to submit a concept. They said as long as it portrayed spaceships they wouldn't question anything. So I agreed.

Q. What took a lot of time?
I had to create a non-existent world step by step, and make it seem as though life actually existed. I had to consider every aspect including trash cans and telephone poles. And usually, I don't think about these things, cause it's a pain, but when I did, it took a lot of time and effort.

Q. What did you want to express the most?
I wanted to create something that had never been seen. You've seen a lot in the past, and find things you like. These days, many people try to create what they've seen. That's not what I wanted to do. I probably included what I've seen and liked. But the overall picture will become something totally new. Creating something never seen before was my goal... sort of.

Q. What's the theme of the series?
Spike's past, or his karma. Part of his life you haven't seen. People wanted to, but we couldn't show it on television. On video, in the 26 episode series, you see it gradually. It's the underlying theme throughout the show.

Series Composer - Keiko Nobumoto


Q. Why did you work on this project?
I first worked with the director, Mr. Watanabe, on Macross Plus. Later, I was asked to work on a series directed by Mr. Watanabe. I still don't know what a Series Composer is supposed to do... I'm writing the scripts for a number of episodes.

Q. How is it different from other anime?
The use of gaps. This series makes really smart use of gaps.

Music - Yoko Kanno

MUSIC Yoko Kanno

Q. How is the music used in the series?
I was so amazed to find this piece used for this scene? Some of the pieces I wish they used for different scenes. (Laughs) But I didn't find any that were inappropriate. So, I'm happy.

Q. How about the production team?
Everyone is so relaxed (Laughs) like, they're sitting around lazy. (Tilts head onto shoulder, laughs) I don't think they say they're tired. Anime, either commercials or TV, they're all so serious, always arguing. 'This scene should be like this...' 'No, no, the heroine shouldn't say such a word!' That's my impression. But this team... (Slouches back) They're totally slacking off. (Laughs) And it shows in this anime!

Producer - Masahiko Minami

PRODUCER Masahiko Minami

Q. What were your intentions when producing Bebop?
I've been doing robot stories, and I wanted to do something different this time.

Q. What's your impression?
I watched the rush film. It's solid. We're putting a lot of time and money into it hoping to recoup the costs. (Laughs)

We're going to make a lot of money... Cut! (Laughs)


ED Aoi Tada

Q. What's Ed like?
Very smart, and sensitive, but also a little naive. Someone who can make everyone happy.

Q. What do you think about the series?
It's deep, not superficial. They're trying to tell you something.

Ed - Aoi Tada

JET Unsho Ishizuka

Q. Your first impression of Jet?
Gosh, a bald and brawny guy. Why me? I thought the Yamadera was better suited for the role. I guess not... (laughs)

Q. How's your enthusiasm for the series?
"I think of it as a movie. Making a movie every week one by one. I can take care of it the same day I get the script. (Laughs) No, just joking!"

Jet - Unsho Ishizuka

SPIKE Kouichi Yamadera

Q. Your reaction to getting the part?
It said 'protagonist.' I was happy. It's the first time, in over ten years doing an anime series.

Q. Please promote Cowboy Bebop.
Because they weren't all on TV, it's hard but please watch then all! Not because I'm in it. Maybe a little bit. (Holds up thumb and index finger) About this much... (Spreads fingers wide) Anyway, it's a great show. Check it out! Everyone - check, check it out!

Spike - Kouichi Yamadera

FAYE Megumi Hayashibara

Q. Your first impression of Faye?
She's a disagreeable woman.

Q. What is Faye like?
She's... very lively.

Q. What did you pay special attention to?
Her sensuality and humanity is the point.

(Cough in the background, Megumi laughs)

Excuse me!
(Kouichi Yamadera)

That was Spike...

Q. What about the unbroadcast parts?
Those who watched it on TV every week would definitely want to see more. Your wish will come true.

Faye - Megumi Hayashibara


TV Digest

A short preview of sessions that were not aired during the initial television run featuring clips from Session #1, Session #4, Session #5 and Session #6.


Full version of the opening theme song with clips of the vehicles and space battles from the series.

Full Size Music Clip - Tank!

A textless cut of the closing credits sequence.

The Real Folk Blues

Remix of the opening theme song with clips and sound effects from Session #1.

"Tank!" (Bebop AV Edit) Remixed By DJ Food